Where are you from?

Kampala, Uganda

What is one thing we should know about you?

My internal monologue has no face. My mirror image has no voice. The space between is is my - my sense of self. Speaking in the mirror is an out of body experience.

Draw or write something that makes you happy.

Bow Chika Wow Wow

Tell us about your song on the compilation?

The song originally comes from Haitus Kaiyote’s “Choose Your Weapon”. This was the first album I loved - not in spite - but because of its “mistakes”. Those organic details made it very human. That crystalizes most clearly on the ‘The Lung’ and I randomly felt inclined to channel that.

Where did you write this song?

I did not write this song. I’d like to think I would’ve been somewhere between Jinja and Jericho.

What have you learned in the past month?

Nostalgia is overrated.

Who is your dream collaborator?

My final form

Name a song everyone should listen to?

Du gamla (That's Alright Since My Soul Got A Seat Up In The Kingdom) Håkan Hellström