Late Night Messages



Jonathan or or or Nat

Where are you from?

OKC! (Oklahoma City)

What's one thing we should know about you?

Imma get BIG and use my "power" for good.

Draw or write something that makes you happy.

That's me cruising with Glass Dragon crew (Ok so now we know why I'm in an Art Gallery Sh)

Tell us about your song on the compilation?

It's a before-and-after story

Where did you write 'Angeles'?

The coolest room on the block (my bedroom)

Describe the window where your press photo is taken?

Me at my job! The building is called Herrick (secretly my fave)

What's inspiring you right now?

Maza, my girlfriend. She believes in me hard.

Rank your TOP 3 albums of all time?

#1. Re -  Café Tacvba
#3. I Love You - LANY

Share an artist you're enjoying at the moment?

Danny Towers  'Danny, How You Feel?'